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Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions of Vinogourmets


Any validation of an order on our web site vinogourmets.fr or vinogourmets.com (by clicking on the button "confirm my order") is worth full and complete acceptance by the buyer of these general conditions of sale in their entirety. validated, not paid within a period of 7 days, will be automatically canceled.The buyer also acknowledges that this contract is governed by French law.

Article 2: TERRITORY (Europe)

Only orders accepted from Metropolitan France and destined for Metropolitan France, as well as certain European countries that you will find in article 6 delivery costs, are accepted.No shipping possible to the following countries: United States, Canada, Quebec.

Article 3: PRICE

Our prices are quoted except sale or commitment, subject to availability. The valid prices are those indicated at the time of the order as they appear on our website (except typographical error or omission). Our site is updated regularly, however stocks are not shown in real time.

All our prices are displayed TTC and in EURO (with the exception of "Primeurs" which are excluding VAT). The VAT in force is 20% for wines and spirits and 5,5% for groceries. Concerning the first fruits, the VAT will be paid at the moment of the actual availability of the wines and before their delivery and the rate of VAT applied will be the one in force at the time of delivery.

Prices are per pass, bottle or size, and do not include transportation and insurance. For transport and insurance costs, refer to the relevant sections. Orders are without quantitative obligation, except cons-indication. Rates are non-contractual.


Payment can be made by credit card, check or bank transfer as follows:

Payment by credit card : Payment is secured by an SSL-based online payment system.

Payment by check : the check must be made out to the order of Vinogourmets accompanied by a photocopy of your identity document and addressed to us at the following coordinates: Sarl VINOGOURMETS 1 Alley BRIGAULT 28260 ANET France. Payment by check will not be considered effective until the expiry of the protest period and confirmation of the transfer of the check provision by our bank. The buyer accepts, by the very use of this method of payment, an extension of the usual delivery time.

We reserve the right to request payment by bank transfer in advance rather than by credit card or check, in the event we consider it useful for the security of the transaction.

Orders will be effective and final only upon receipt of payment from the buyer. Any order not paid in a week will be canceled without formalities. Upon receipt of the payment of the buyer, an invoice will be sent to the address indicated as the billing. The goods remain the entire property of VINOGOURMETS until full payment, including VAT, of the total price of the order.


The preparation phase of the delivery takes effect after full payment of the invoice, VAT included. The order will be sent at once to the same place, to the address indicated by the buyer during the validation of the order. Delivery in metropolitan France will be carried out within an indicative period generally of 2 to 8 days according to the destination, except in case of force majeure (the war, the riot, the fire, the strikes, the accidents and the impossibility of being supplied, without this list being exhaustive, will be considered as force majeure and will relieve the seller of his obligation to deliver). Deliveries will be made only to the extent of available stocks. If the order can not definitely be made, it will be refunded in full or replaced in agreement with the buyer. The sale includes a retention of title clause in accordance with 80335 / 12 / 05 Law 1980

Considering the rare or speculative nature of certain products, restrictions on the quantities available can be applied. In such a case, the available amount is limited per household (same name, same address, same email address, same account holder or bank card). VINOGOURMETS therefore reserves the right to refuse an order in case of doubt about the existence of an earlier order on such a product.

VINOGOURMETS offers are only intended for private customers and in no case for professional resellers. VINOGOURMETS reserves the right to refuse the benefit of its offers to any customer proving a professional reseller.


The ordered products can be removed by the buyer's care on our premises or shipped by us.

Removal by the care of the buyer in our premises (withdrawal store): This method of delivery is not subject to any charge if the goods are removed within 60 days from the date of the order. Beyond this, a custody and storage charge may be charged to the buyer.

Europe (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Luxembourg, Spain, England).

Shipping: 1 to 20 kgs 50,00 €, 20 kgs and more 100,00 €

The following charges are applied for metropolitan France, depending on the weight of the order:


0 kg to 2 kg = 12,00 € / 0 kg to 2 kg = 16,00 €

2 kg to 5 kg = 14,50 € / 2 kg to 5 kg = 20,00 €

5 kg to 7 kg = 16,50 € / 5 kg to 7 kg = 23.00 €

7 kg to 10 kg = 19,00 € / 7 kg to 10 kg = 24.00 €

10 kg to 13 kg = 22,00 € / 10 kg to 13 kg = 26,00 €

13 kg to 16 kg = 24,00 € / 13 kg to 16 kg = 27,00 €

16 kg to 19 kg = 26,00 € / 16 kg to 19 kg = 30,00 €

19 kg to 22 kg = 28,50 € / 19 kg to 22 kg = 30.00 €

22 kg to 30 kg = 34,00 € / 22 kg to 30 kg = 35,00 €

Beyond 30 kg = 50,00 € / Beyond 30 kg = 50,00 €


Receipt of goods :

It is essential that the person who receives the order verifies the contents of the shipment before signing the carrier's bill of lading. Any anomaly (missing, broken, deterioration) must be clearly indicated on the slip with the name and the quantities of the missing or broken wines and be indicated to the conveyor by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 3 days following the date of reception of the delivery. The buyer must inform VINOGOURMETS of the dispute within a week, by fax, mail, or e-mail. Subject to the respect of the insurance procedure and its indemnification by its insurer, VINOGOURMETS will replace, subject to availability, the wines concerned as of right or by equivalent wines in agreement with the buyer; in case of total or partial unavailability of identical wines and in case of disagreement on the total or partial replacement by equivalent wines, VINOGOURMETS will refund the price of the missing or broken wines not replaced, excluding insurance and delivery costs.

Attention: the formulas of type "subject to unpacking" are null and void. Only the precise and detailed mention of the missing, broken or deteriorated with the signature of the person who has received is valid.

Delivery address :

The information given by the buyer, when placing an order commit the latter: in case of error in the wording of the recipient's contact information, VINOGOURMETS can not be held responsible for the impossibility in which it could be to deliver the product.

The buyer must make sure to be present or represented at the time of delivery.

It is preferable, for all intents and purposes, to indicate the telephone number (s) where the buyer or his representative will be reachable.

Article 7: FIDELITY

The VINOGOURMETS loyalty account allows you to accumulate points from the first purchase exclusively on our website.
The points are cumulative on all purchases according to the scale of 1 euro spent gives right to a credit of 1 point (on the price actually paid when online payment). The points can be cumulated on all purchases on the site www.vinogourmets.fr .
During a purchase on the website, the points of the sale are credited upon validation of your payment.
It can only be credited with an integer number of points. If the application of the conversion rate results in a decimal number, the number of credited points will be rounded down to the nearest whole number.

The account holder benefits from the following benefits :

500 points: 3% on the next purchase
700 points: 5% on the next purchase
1 200 points: 10% on the next purchase


This operation is reserved for all customers of the site www.vinogourmets.fr wishing to participate. Any major physical person living in metropolitan France who has made at least one online purchase on the site www.vinogourmets.fr. The customer can, in his capacity as holder and responsible for the treatment of the e-mail addresses of his godchildren, provide vinogourmets the e-mail address of these last ones so that vinogourmets sends them on behalf of the customer the message of invitation to register on the site. The customer takes the responsibility to provide the e-mail address of his relatives for the purpose of sending such an invitation. He undertakes to have obtained the explicit and informed consent of his godchildren. Vinogourmets only acts on the will and in the name of the customer by acting as a technical provider sending a message from the customer. As a result, the customer releases Vinogourmets from any liability because of the emails of relatives it provides. Any godchild who will place his first order on the site www.vinogourmets.fr and after the settlement of his invoice in full, will receive a discount coupon from 7% of the validity of 90 days.


A withdrawal period is offered to the buyer in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-16 of the Consumer Code. The buyer has a period of 7 days from the delivery of his order. The exchange (subject to availability) or the refund of the order (excluding insurance and delivery fees) will be made within 30 days after receipt of the return of the order. The order must be returned in the original packaging, accompanied by the original invoice. Return shipping costs will also always be borne by the buyer. VINOGOURMETS will have to be informed of the return of the goods by e-mail or by mail.



According to 59 Order 107-7 January 1959 and Law 74-631 5 July 1974, the sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years is prohibited. Anyone ordering wine at VINOGOURMETS therefore undertakes to have 18 years old at the date of the order.

Alcohol abuse:

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. So know how to consume it and appreciate it in moderation.

Computing and Freedom :

In view of the 78 law 17-6 January 1978, you have a right to access and rectify personal data about you. To exert it, you can address to Sarl VINOGOURMETS 1 Lane of BRIGAULT 28260 ANET France.

The information that concerns you is intended VINOGOURMETS.

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